Zillion (2022)

It’s 1997. Frank Verstraeten, a computer genius with a nose for business, a fascination for nightlife and an unhealthy urge to prove himself, only wants one thing: his own disco that not only outperforms the competition but simply humiliates it. The futuristic mega discotheque Zillion is a fact and Frank turns from computer dealer to the pivotal figure of the Antwerp nightlife. He parades with the most beautiful women in Belgium and forges an alliance with Dennis Black Magic, the porn king who provides the spicy extras. Unfortunately, beautiful songs don’t last long either.

Visualizzazioni: 14

Genere: CrimeDrama

Direttore: Robin Pront

Attori: Charlotte Timmers, Ella Leyers, Matteo Simoni


Durata: 138


IMDb: 7.7