The Heart of Europe (2022)

The filmmaker Julián Pintos and his alter ego find themselves confined to their isolated home in the countryside during the pandemic ravaging Europe in the 21st century and embark on a strange journey of initiation, in which they will meet the mysterious Silver Mask (Myriam) and the two disturbing theatre masks, muses of comedy and tragedy, split into Esther and Diana. The characters are trapped in an enigmatic time tunnel and their only escape is to find the heart of Europe, recalling their respective pasts linked to the Old Continent and bringing to the surface the deepest ghosts and fears that each of them hides.

Visualizzazioni: 3

Genere: DramaFantasyMystery

Direttore: Juan Pinzás

Attori: Elke Krüger, Juan Pinzás, Katherine Sorel


Durata: 110