Slava Ukraini (2023)

The day after the Russian invasion, we shot a film, “Why Ukraine”, documenting the first months of the Ukrainian ordeal and broadcast on ARTE. This new film takes up where the other one left off. It is a diary kept in the second half of the year 2022 and where everything has been recorded: small and large events, hazards, emotions, testimonies of living people and mourning, chronicle of the front and bombed cities, portraits. The film begins in Kharkiv, in the Donbass. It ends in Kherson, the day after the liberation of the city, and then in Ochakiv, the base from which the elite units fighting the last battle of the Ukraine against the Russian occupation and its devastation will perhaps leave. All in all, the true story of a war without equivalent for three quarters of a century and of which we have tried to be the committed but lucid witnesses.

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