Lost in the Forest (2023)

Asheng, once a gang member of the Zhongshan District, was sent to jail for 12 years after saving his friend Shaou. He is released and returns to Linsen North Road, his old turf, finding it familiar yet perplexing after being away for so many years. Shaou is now a mob boss with his own turf. When the son of Seagull’s patron, Mr. Xiao, is murdered, the evidence points to up-and-coming mobster Monkey. Shauo tries to ambush Monkey and fails, getting shot by the drugged up gangster instead. Asheng, who initially refused to help Shaou, is now filled with rage and decides to avenge his friend.

Visualizzazioni: 3

Genere: CrimeDrama

Direttore: Johnny Chiang

Attori: Kang-sheng Lee, Chien-Na Lee, Vivian Chen


Durata: 132