Папы против мам (2023)

Two families live on the same staircase. One fine day, the dads boycott the moms, and the moms confront the dads in response. The reason for this is the accumulated family troubles: computer games of one, iron drill of the second, female fatigue, and so on. The hostages of the situation are children who are forced to live in two opposing camps. In an attempt to reconcile their parents, they only aggravate the situation and find the only way out – to call and ask their grandfather, a general of tank troops, to come. With his arrival, a planned “rescue” operation begins, filled with very comical situations.

Visualizzazioni: 4

Genere: ComedyFamily

Direttore: Maksim Malinin

Attori: Anna Churina, Artyom Tkachenko, Yola Sanko


Durata: 102